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Benefits of Massage

Getting massages not only helps to relax you after a stressful day, but if you're suffering from pain, tension, or need to get the blood circulating because of an injury. Getting a massage helps to alleviate pain, and stress, and helps to keep your ogans healthy due to the stimulation from massage.



We offer Swedish, Lomi Lomi, Deep Tissue, Back Walking, Thai, Reiki, Polarity, Sports Rehabilitation,Pregnant Massage, Medical Massage, and Acupuncture. Inquire about our treatments, and we'll consult with you to assure you get  the proper treatment.



We also offer an infrared sauna, which helps to loosen up tight muscles before a massage, or just to sweat out toxins from your body.  Price is a dollar a minute. We offer a special package for only $110, which is a 30 minute sauna and shower, and 60 minute swedish massage. $10 extra for deep tissue.



Body Scrub Massage Treatment

Body Scrub Massage Treatment, is a 60 minute massage, with "Orange Tangerine Zest"  scrub. Body scrubs leaves the skin revitalized and soft. We will be offering other scents in the near future. 

Treatment price: $90 

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Back Walking

Back Walking, is very popular for deeper pressure. 60 minutes

Treatment Price: $90 

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Infrared Sauna & Massage Package

This package includes a 30 minute Infrared sauna session, with a 60 minute Swedish Massage. Shower, towels and wrap included.

Treatment price : $110